Attention You Deserve...Results You Desire

It is perfectly natural to be a little worried about what physical therapy might entail. We understand the concerns you bring with you. That is why we are very attentive to you every moment we are together. We also know that you bring with you a certain set of hopes and expectations about what can be accomplished through this process. We are careful to listen to you and to understand what you desire your results to be.

We are confident—after more than 50 years of combined physical therapy experience—that you will leave Active Motion revitalized and well on your way to a full and complete recovery. The effort you exert, the discipline you exercise and the hard work you invest are critical elements in your recovery and the results you achieve.

We work closely with your physician to ensure that we understand precisely what your situation is and what needs to happen for you. We communicate regularly with your physician to ensure they are well informed as to your progress and recovery.

We know that we, together with your physician and you, are undertaking a service that is significant to your health and to your overall well-being. We take this responsibility very seriously.

When you consider who to use for your physical therapy, it is essential that you select a practice that:

  • Is warm, friendly and embracing;
  • Is understanding and attentive to you;
  • Is sensitive to your unique needs;
  • Is careful yet thorough in achieving your recovery; and
  • Is intent upon building a relationship, not just collecting a fee.

All of these qualities are critical to maximizing your healing. They are all functioning realities at Active Motion.

We are gratified to be a physical therapy practice that is well-known for patient loyalty, and well-respected and appreciated by physicians. We work very hard to ensure that you will be comfortable with us as individuals and delighted with us as therapists. We know that you will be amazed and pleased with the results achieved through partnering with us.

Active Motion is committed to providing you with the attention you deserve, and working together with you and your physician to help you realize the results you desire.